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Campaign Sites

How much performance can your distribution really deliver?

schematische Darstellung von Vertriebsprozessen: Punkte über verschiedene Verbindungsarten miteinander vernetzt

With our campaign sites we offer a technology to control your multilevel distribution processes. Make your distribution transparent and measureable! You retain control over every distribution acitvity: active. locally. dynamically.


  • Generating leads for multi-level distribution
  • Significant increase of ales and customer loyalty
  • Enhance the efficiency of your distribution partners


  • Individual local websites with fitting campaigns for your customers
  • Transparency and measurability using BI reporting
  • CRM-/Reward-Module for administration of partner data and customer requests


Schematische Darstellung der Funktionsweise von bi Kampagnenseiten

Using the open bi campaign sites you can create a wide range network of websites for your distribution partner. The websites are created dynamically therefore the number of websites is less relevant.

Special features

  • Generating websites dynamically saves unnecessary costs
  • Personalizing for every distribution partner - from company logo to product catalog
  • Free entries in search engines
  • Websites optimized for search engines
  • Intelligent use of Google Ads and Google Campaigns
  • Optimizing Lead-Generating
  • Integrated Reporting using our Business Intellingece Technology

Our Customers

  • Eternit
  • Lithonplus
  • Immobilienportal Heidelberg