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Data evaluation simple, clear and effective with biAnalytics

Build on years of experience in Business Intelligence and get the best out of your data with biAnalytics. Analyze all your key figures in one central place and gain new, valuable insights instantly. biAnalytics is intuitive to use and the perfect solution for the most diverse reporting requirements.

We provide you with the tools for an optimal start in your new reporting world. Have more time for the essentials.

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biAnalytics Web

biAnalytics Web is the web-based tool for the use of biAnalytics. Connect any data source to your biAnalytics Cloud and design your own user management. Create reports from your data sources and meaningful dashboards according to your wishes and needs. Numerous functions and features make biAnalytics Web the central access to all your data.

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biAnalytics Office

As an add-in for Microsoft Office, biAnalytics Office is the optimal tool to create presentations, reports or spreadsheets based on your data. Forget tedious copying of CSV files and time-consuming data juggling in Excel. With biAnalytics Office you can connect Word, Excel or PowerPoint directly to your data source and create charts, for example, in PowerPoint, with highly topical data from your data source. Use the biAnalytics Office tool and turn your Microsoft Office into a big data analysis and reporting software.

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